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[19 August 2010 | 2 Kommentare | ]

Source Beta wurde released. Wenn ihr euren Stream Client startet werden die Aktualisierungen automatisch übernommen. Die Hauptänderungen schließen ein:
Counter-Strike Source Beta ( Available for PC only. )
* Improved Smoke Grenade:
o Made them expand faster.
o Made the smoke thicker.
o Fixed bug that made smoke less opaque to someone standing in it.
* Added check to prevent clients using plugins from connecting to VAC secured servers.
o Listen servers no longer load plug-ins unless -insecure is added to the command line.
o Clients running with -insecure cannot connect to VAC secure servers.
* Added console variable …

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[31 Mai 2010 | Keine Kommentare | ]

Es gibt einige News zu dem aktuellen Beta von Counter-Strike: Source.
Hier der komplette Changelog mit allen Änderungen:

Fixed the desktop resolution not appearing in the list of valid resolutions when using windowed-mode.

Server Browser

Fixed a crash caused by leaving the server browser open while playing.


Added client/server version check on client connect.
Fixed a crash caused by hitting ctrl-alt-del while playing.

Counter-Strike: Source Beta

Added sv_disablefreezecam cvar to turn off the freezecam on a server.
Added sv_nonemesis cvar to turn off domination/revenge on a server.
Added sv_nomvp cvar to turn off MVP stars on a server.
Added sv_nostats cvar …