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CS:GO Update – Just Trolling-Sticker ersetzt

23 Februar 2015 Keine Kommentare

Es gab mal wieder ein kleines Update für CS:GO. Hier der komplette Changelog:

CS:GO Update 20.02.14 Changelog

* In the spectator panel, if one of the players has a knife as their only and primary weapon, the appropriate knife icon will now show.
* Fixed some icon visibility issues in the spectator panel.
* Fixed GOTV camera sticking on followed smokes if the thrower died when following.

* “Play Audio When Game In Background” now works on Linux (found in the Audio Options).

* Fixed all links to Steam Market to use market tags.
* Message boxes now support longer strings.
* Replaced ‘Just Trolling’ sticker.

* Cache
* Fixed a pixel-walk bug.
* Season
* Allowed players to boost onto upper A.
* Fixed an issue with flashbangs by squeaky door.
* Slowed down fan spinning speed in vents.
* Improved FPS by B bombsite.
* Fixed some clipping issues.
* Fixed some bomb stuck spots.
* Fixed an issue with CT spawn points being too close together.
* Fixed some pixel-walking issues.
* Cobblestone
* Fixed some exploits and unintended boosts.
* Further optimizations.

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