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Unser erstes offizielles Counterstrike 1.6 Spraylogo wurde nun endlich fertiggestellt und steht zum Download bereit. Eine Anleitung und weitere Informationen liegt dem ZIP-Archiv des Spraylogos bei.

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In der letzten Nacht gab es ein 55 MB Update.
Bugs in den Maps DUst 2 und Overpass wurden gefixt. Zudem gibt es ein neues Servercluster in Atlante. Somit werden stabilere Server gewährleistet.
Hier der komplette Changelog:
[ MISC ]
– Fixed smoke rendering exploits that were possible when running certain video capture applications.
– Fixed rare issues when equipping the same loadout item for both teams.
– Fixed an issue where the list of tournament matches would not refresh.
– Added official game servers cluster in Atlanta.
– Added new carpet footstep sounds.
– Tweaked sounds …

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CS:GO hat ein Update erhalten.
Code Exploit Fix, Controller Auto-Aiming sind nun deaktiviert.
Vor dem Update war es möglich unerlaubten Code auf den Computer der Spieler auszuführen.
Hier der komplette Changelog
– Footsteps are quieter when spectating in-eye.
– New Overwatch kill notification sound.
– Fixed a case where clicking on an Overwatch verdict also clicked on the blog post.
– Disabled old code that allowed subtle auto aiming with controllers.
– Performance optimizations for players with large inventories.
– Fixed some exploits that allowed unauthorized code execution.
– Added the player_hurt event to GOTV demos.
– Added flavor text to …

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Der polnische Spieler Mariusz ‘Loord’ Cybulski beendet seine aktive Counter-Strike-Laufbahn. Er zählte zu den “Golden Five” im Counter-Strike 1.6. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive kam er jedoch nie richtig an.
Statement Mariusz ‘Loord’ Cybulski:
“The fact that I am leaving INSHOCK does not mean that I will have nothing to do with CS in the future. I stepped down from the team because there was no point at my age to spend so much time playing on a semi-professional level.”

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Und schon wieder ein Update. Zwar nicht so viel, aber immerhin. Hier der komplette Changelog:
– Fixed a bug in the visibility/occlusion query that caused players to disappear sometimes.
– Added server convar to avoid sending footstep audio messages when they are out of audible range.
– Expired competitive cooldowns now require a confirmation from the players.
– If a surrender vote is about to pass after the round is already over, it will cancel the vote.
– If a surrender vote succeeds right before halftime, the proper teams will surrender …

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Es gab wieder ein großes Update. Hier der komplette Changelog:
– Launched Operation Bloodhound, available until September 30th, 2015.
– Six community maps available for free to ALL CS:GO PLAYERS on official servers via the Operation Bloodhound map group: Agency, Resort, Zoo, Log, Rails, and Season
– The Operation Bloodhound Access Pass is now available for purchase. It provides:
— The upgradable Operation Bloodhound Challenge Coin, which can be displayed on your profile and in the scoreboard.
— The Operation Bloodhound Journal, complete with Friends Leaderboards to track your Active Duty and Operation Competitive …